I’m Suzanne Winlove-Smith, an accredited Family Mediator and an Activation™ Method and Divorce Coach. I started The Clean Divorce when I came to realize how few resources were available to those going through relationship breakdown. When I was immersed in the experience of my own divorce, I saw how important it was to create a new way forward.


Working with couples in numerous court systems in Eastern Ontario equipped me with extensive skills in divorce support, counselling, and mediation. My experience with my own divorce gave me invaluable insight that has further inspired me to create simple and empowering solutions for individuals facing their own relationship challenges.



  • Collaborative Law Team Training, 2020

  • Advanced Relationship Coach Training, Strategic Intervention Institute, 2019

  • Conversational Intelligence for Coaches, CIQ Judith E. Glaser. Neuroscience, 2018

  • Graduate Degree Certificate in Conflict Resolution, Carleton University, Dept. of Law, 2009

  • Humanistic Studies, Brigham & Women’s Hospital, Boston, MA, 2009

Licenses and Certificates

  • Child-Centered Strategies for Separation & Divorce

  • Domestic Violence and Co-Parenting

  • Child Resistance & Parent Rejection

  • Child Support Guidelines OAFM

  • Domestic Violence and Abuse Certification

  • Managing High Conflict Personalities in Divorce & Family Violence

  • High Conflict Divorce & Separation Training

  • Spousal Support Guidelines



With The Clean Divorce, I strive to create a safe space for you to gain compassionate advice, support, and deep understanding. I am passionately committed to helping others in their relationships with their families while guiding them to a place of self-empowerment.

Unresolved conflict can be costly to your emotional and physical health as well as your finances. The Clean Divorce focuses on conflict resolution and developing constructive, collaborative agreements that support healthy and productive relationships while being time and cost effective.

I am here to help

Make your first step forward with us. Embrace life’s changes and let our team of skilled professionals help you create your most empowered life.