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Divorce Readiness Quiz

Whether you are just opening the door to your divorce or you have already begun your journey down that path, the following questions will help you assess your approach, and provide insight to your choices and options available to you.

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1. Do you understand the reasons for your divorce?
2. Since the divorce started, has the person who initiated the divorce given the other person time to let it sink in?
3. Are you aware of how you have contributed to the breakdown of your relationship?
4. Do you understand your legal options for divorce?
5. Which of the following best describes your understanding of your financial situation now and after your divorce?
6. Have you met with attorneys or mediators?
7. Your legal representation is best described as:
8. Which of the following describes you and your spouse’s communication thus far?
9. What is your ultimate goal for an outcome from your current situation?
10. If you have children: What will co-parenting look like while in the midst of divorce?
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